Monday, July 21, 2014

The Cedar Tree of Lebanon

Her lovely just is.
Her bounty is strength and shade.
Her magnitude is timeless.
Her rarity in Oregon soils creates a tick in ones soul.

I have noticed her. She catches my eye every time.
Her place of home, SW 2nd Street and Pine, old town Sherwood. There she stands. Still.
She's witnessed the many happenings and generations that Sherwood has unfolded.

Her cited date to go down is July 29, 2014. To be completed by July 30, 2014
Time is running out.
Her roots hold the ground steady.
Common sense reaps that conclusion.

This is my plea to you Mr. Lot Owner.
Give me a little time to create means to keep her steady, trimmed, well taken care of. I can guarantee you the foundation of your single family home resides on her roots.
Destroy her, in time, destroy your foundation.
Every action has a natural reaction.

My goal is to find a well qualified, inspired, loving, educated arbor that has a respect for old growth beauty. That has a desire to preserve. After all, that is what we are dealing with. An old growth, rare, endangered specie. Her timber is sought after highly. Not just by lumber companies, but by specialized woodworkers, as well as folks of religion. Her timber is eternally blessed. Referenced over 30 times in the Bible. They say Jesus' first boat was built from the Tree of Lebanon Cedar.
There is just 1 Cedar Tree of Lebanon, here in Portland, that has been respectfully protected and marked as a Heritage Tree, by the City of Portland. She is located at the corner of SW 20th and SW Howard's Way. She is believed to have been planted in the early 19th century by the renowned writer, Henry Miller. Your tree can be protected. Saved and celebrated.
Please take some time to contemplate the aftermath after she falls. If you so chose.
Much lays in your hands.
I ask you to move graciously and compassionately. As what you have in your yard is a gift. A gift to be honored, cherished, and celebrated. Let your community step in and give you a heartfelt hand.

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  1. thank you for speaking for the tree. She was here long before the town most likely.