Monday, July 14, 2014

The Buoy Beer Landing


The holiday weekend delivers the well deserved trip to La Pacifica ocean! 
After an adventurous weekend loafing about the campsite, delighting in amazing sunsets and hiking waterfalls, we made way to the Astoria River-walk, along the mighty Columbia River. 

There we basked in the new, Buoy Beer Brewing. 
The rejuvenated warehouse has been nicely transformed into a thriving attraction, along the lost Astoria piers. Which hold a near and dear place in my heart. 
Kudos to Buoy Beer for revamping, yet preserving and holding on to a sliver of Astoria pier history. 
Open is an understatement. 
Walking in felt almost tunnel vision. The natural river beauty abounds in every direction you look.

My first beer ordered was a 20oz. of their Cream Ale. It was almost reminiscent of the high school Bud days. Metaphorically speaking of course.
My second brew was their Porter. Better. Pretty head. Nice lace.

Their house made veggie burger, was bean on! Good stuff.

The ambiance of the joint was inviting. The scenery, to die for. The historic idea behind the creation of Buoy Beer, honorable. 
I will return. 

I've read plenty about how much hard work, effort and heart, has been invested in getting this beautiful brewery up and running. Gratitude is the perfect adjective. 

I have a hunch once a few tweaks are made, Buoy Beer very well, may be a lead contender in the Clatsop County Craft brew options. 
Until the next episode. 

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