Wednesday, February 18, 2015

HUB + Payette = The Organic Potato Ale

Purple potato, organic fusion!
Hopworks Urban Brewery is at it again. 
Blazing the craft-beer trail, collaborating with the Potato nation, Payette Brewing from Idaho. Creating a one of a kind, grand Idahoan Potato Ale.

Quench your thirst tonight.
Swing by The Civic Taproom, located at 621 SW 19th Ave., Portland, to give the Potato fantasy a try!
Raise a pint for creativity, inspiration, collaboration, and most importantly, organic, PURPLE potatoes. Yee-Haw!
Don't forget, tell your friends, it's time to giddy-up and make way.
Facebook RSVP Here.

Official PR release below. 

Hopworks Urban Brewery and Payette Brewing Release
Potato Gun Idaho Potato Ale in Oregon

Hopworks Urban Brewery of Portland, Oregon, and Payette Brewing of Boise, Idaho, have teamed up for a collaborative beer that playfully brings the best of both regions together. The resulting beer, brewed at Payette, is Potato Gun IPA, an Idaho Potato Ale. Potato Gun was brewed with over fifty pounds of organic, Idaho purple potatoes, and Amarillo, Crystal, and Zeus hops.

Potato Gun IPA will be released for the first time in Oregon on Wed., February 18 at both Hopworks Urban Brewery and Hopworks BikeBar. Purple Potato Fry specials will be served at the Hopworks brew pub on Powell to complement the beer.

The following night, Thurs. February 19, from 6-9 pm, Potato Gun IPA will be released at The Civic Taproom in SW Portland. The night will feature beer from both Hopworks and Payette, a potato gun shooting range, swag giveaways and Boise Fry Company will have free Purple Potato Fry samples.

Potato Gun Release Parties

Wed. Feb. 18 - Hopworks Urban Brewery and Hopworks BikeBar
Hopworks Urban Brewery - 2944 SE Powell Blvd., Portland
Hopworks BikeBar - 3947 N. Williams Blvd., Portland

Thurs. Feb. 19 - 6-9pm at The Civic Taproom
621 SW 19th Ave. Portland

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Oh Me! Oh My! 
What do we have here?
Just in time for the holidays.  
Cheers to Sustainability. 
Cheers to Hard work. 
Cheers to Organic. 
Cheers to Local. 
Cheers to Community!

Just Released: 

PORTLAND, Ore. – Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) is releasing IPX Single Hop Ale: Mt. Hood. The beer is the latest in the single hop series, which has continued to be an educational celebration of hops for more than two years. It is available on tap and in 22oz bottles throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The Mt. Hood beer contains Salmon Safe Certified Mt. Hood hops from Crosby Farms in Woodburn, Oregon. Mt. Hood hops are known for clean bittering and mild aromas and flavors. The hop was released in 1989 by a breeding program in Oregon and is the descendant of the German Hallertauer, Mittelfrüh and Liberty hop varieties.

The single hop ale series highlights signature aromas and flavors of specific hop varieties that are further multiplied through our unique dry hop process. Each beer in the series has the same base recipe with the same finishing hop schedule, 60 IBUs and 6% ABV.
About Hopworks Urban Brewery
Founded in 2007, Hopworks Urban Brewery is committed to brewing world-class beer as sustainably as possible using organic malts and hops sourced primarily from the Northwest. The company’s 20-barrel brewery produces 12,500 barrels of beer a year for HUB’s two brewpubs and for distribution in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia. Hopworks incorporates a range of sustainable practices in its operation and makes every effort to protect “our” future with a thoughtful alternative.  HUB is 100% renewably powered and “cradle to gate” carbon neutral. Visit Hopworks online at and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you Hopworks! You rock our beer luvin' world!

Falling Sky Brewing: Post Up!

Looking to the light. Sending warm #WinterSolstice wishes near and far. #Gratitude for more than meets the eye.
#DecemberWish #SheBrewsHerDream.

Falling Sky Brewing
Eugene, Oregon

A Portland Jr. Hawks Hockey Tournament, with my youngest, brought my family and I south to Eugene this weekend.
After an entire afternoon of watching my little pound the ice, we were more than ready to post up, warm up, and unwind. Looking forward to indulging in some great food and cozy atmosphere.

Falling Sky Brewery was on the docket . We discovered Falling Sky Brewery initially at the Portland Fresh Hops Festival, this past October. They delivered an amazing fresh hop brew creation, needless to say, we absolutely took note.
Entrance through Oak Alley. Awesome.
That's when I knew my family and I chose a goodie. Alley entrance, tons of bike parking too! Cool.

The set up was friendly. Community style tables, for the most part, colorful chairs, views of the copper fermenters, chalkboard elegance. The best part, walk up ordering, bus your own table, pour your own agua.

Their motto: Let It Pour.
Holy down to earth.
We had a seat, gazed at the menu, and decisions were made. So many vegetarian, fresh options! Score!
We started off with a cold round:
1.) Wet Earth Winter Ale
2.) Wild Sky Rye Raff
3.) Maple cream soda
As for appetizer options, we decided on the poutine, as well as the handmade soft pretzels.
One word: Delicious! Vegetarian, mushroom based, gravy makes everything most yum. 

Wet Earth Winter Ale, oh my amazing. The malt character was significant and smooth. Yet the hop texture followed, just enough. Super clean. Dare I say, too clean. Wet Earth went down at a rate of such ease.

Round two delivered with Dinner.
We ordered the Field Vegetarian Burger, with the Fall salad as our side option. The House Special: the Beet Salad, which delivered a $1 off the Oregon Logger beer selection.
So of course, I imbibed. I wanted in on that smoking hot $1 off deal!
We had a long drive home back to the hood. With that, 2 brews seemed reasonable.
The Oregon Logger: A crisp, whole-mouth filling, old skool Lager. Something us derivatives from the late 70's really appreciate. This Lager felt like home. Reminiscent of the salt air that used to fill my lungs growing up.
Crisp, refreshing, actually pretty close to the easiest going beers I've had in many moons. One could drink this goodie for days.

The dinner choices filled our hungry bellies quite adequately. The happy burger left my son so happy, he fell fast asleep on the way home.
A perfect end, to a great hockey, family filled day! Cheers!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Journey to the MotherLand

The holiday weekend opened up nicely.
Family arrived. House cleaned. The organic, vegetarian menu simmering.
The foliage outside was the perfect Fall hue of reds and oranges.

Thanksgiving eve, the hubs made way to HUB, for a couple of mighty growler fills.
The MotherLand Russian Imperial Stout poured, like a luscious, lingering, cold, winter enticement. 

Anticipation was heavy, for this one of a kind, Russian Imperial Stout.
According to the November 17, 2014 press release, there was much to look forward to.

The tulip stemware, seemed fitting. Creating the exact back-drop, to truly enjoy this HUB Imperial Stout. 

Aromatic, HECK YEAH!
Thick, yet polite to the palette.
The fragrance of fig and chocolate notes sent a crazy, deep malt infused aroma through the senses.

She's mighty.
The Galactic Republic would have been proud.
I genuinely believe, Mr. Vader himself, would have approved.

Most impressive.

We paired her with a homemade vegetarian, pumpkin manicotti. Delight was had.
The Galactic Series, by Hopworks Urban Brewery, continues on the path of out of this world. 

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season.

Until the Next Episode. 

Below please find the Press Release:
Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) today announced the release of Motherland Russian Imperial Stout. Rich and smooth, Motherland is as black as a Siberian winter night but warming enough to weather it. Bittersweet chocolate flavors mingle with deep fig and plum fruitiness and it finishes with a lingering spiciness and heat. Available November through February, this winter warmer is a fortifying tonic for the People!

Motherland is part of Hopworks’ Imperial Series, which features rotating imperial ales throughout the year and is geared for lovers of slow-sipping, big, bold, and highly complex beers. This season drinkers will appreciate Motherland’s focus on a hearty organic malt bill that will warm your heart during cold, rainy and snow-filled evenings.

Motherland is now available in 22 oz. bottles and on draught throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia bars, pubs, and stores. Motherland replaces Organic Ace of Spades, and in March, Hopworks will release Organic Galactic Imperial Red Ale.

For more information, please visit Hopworks online at or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

About Hopworks Urban Brewery
Founded in 2007, Hopworks Urban Brewery is committed to brewing world-class beer as sustainably as possible using organic malts and hops sourced primarily from the Northwest. HUB strives to revolutionize and inspire the brewing industry while protecting the environment and improving the communities we live in. The company’s sustainably operated 20-barrel brewery produces 12,500 barrels of beer a year for its two brewpubs and for distribution in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia.  Hopworks is 100% renewably powered and “cradle to gate” carbon and water neutral.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Golden Valley Brewing

What a groovy Football filled weekend! 
Friday night lights. Watching my Frosh stomp around with the Varsity, super exciting!
A late night of high school football playoffs, yielded us a late Friday night visit.
With frigid temps, and an amazing football win, we were thrilled to pull up and find the Beaverton Golden Valley Brewing still serving to all ages.

Warmly greeted, our experience was spot on. This was our families second adventure to GVB.
The service was great. The food was HOT! 

Most importantly, we didn't get snubbed at the door because we rolled in after 10pm, with our family. 
For many of us beer imbibing, pub appreciating patrons, a family friendly late night atmosphere, is a deal breaker. Having an inviting brewery to patronize, where we aren't snubbed at the door is beyond refreshing.
We started our feast with Beer Battered Onion Rings, complimented by a cold round of brewskies. Which varied from the Dundee Porter, to the Bald Peak IPA, finishing with the Muddy Valley Oatmeal Stout. My sons thoroughly enjoyed the house Craft Rootbeer option.
Both the beer and root beer were outstanding!

The Bald Peak IPA was wonderfully fragrant, deep hop aroma, followed with a crisp bite, finished clean.
The Dundee Porter had a deep drop, dancing on the palette with a toasty kick.
The Oatmeal Stout, hands down featured the warmest malt delivery I've had in a while. The essence of chocolate and coffee roast aroma warmed me up from the frigid temps outside.

The food was scrumptious. I enjoyed the Northwest Veggie Sandwich, served Hot on an olive ciabatta bread, the beet addition, pulled the entire sandwich together. My husband chowed down on the Southwest Rice bowl, my 15 year old son enjoyed the house Fettuccine Alfredo, and my little guy swooned about his handcrafted, locally raised, fresh Hamburger. On a side note, GVB is 1 out of only 12 restaurants NATIONWIDE that raise their own cattle! Stand up appreciation right there. They know exactly where their ingredients come from. They definitely give a damn. THANK YOU Golden Valley Brewing. 

Golden Valley Brewing is two thumbs UP! WAY UP! 

Local sourced, graciously open, polite, no question a classy joint.

We'll be back!!!

I'll be absolutely certain, to spread the positive word around my hood!
Cheers! Until the next episode.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fresh HOPS for ALL!

My oh my. What a whirlwind of late summer.
The lovely hops have bloomed!
Beautiful hop creations were introduced. 
The hop harvest season was good to all of us brewsky loving, imbibers. 

I made way this year to the Portland Fresh Hops Festival!

With the hubs in tow, I was pumped! 
Good times were had beneath the beautiful oak trees, along the lovely Willamette river.

With absolute glee, the fresh hop tastings began. 
I felt like a kid in a candy store. 
I started my initial taste with 'The Green Pig', by Coalition Brewing. YOWZA! A kick in the taste pallet. The Wet Cascades were like fresh slop to my taste buds. Big, bold, a little slippery, full of robust fragrance. 

Thank you Coalition for starting me off right with a 4oz. Pour of pure OINK!!!

From there, I headed on down to the Ecliptic side of the playing field. 
I was pumped with anticipation. 

Altair Fresh Hop. John Harris's brews always fall onto my pallet like a shooting star. 
He scored on this fresh hop selection. Perhaps those Meridian hops were picked with just the ideal gravitational pull. In sync with the mystifying grain moon, found only during the month of August. This Pale Ale was in a galaxy all of its own!
I went back for a full pour on this freshness. Thank you Ecliptic!

Next up, I popped in for a pour from the Lucky Lab, where the beautiful Margaret, was pouring. 
She served up some homegrown goodness. 
The Mutt. 
Bold. With a bite that any good, protective mutt would deliver. 
There really is something sacred in folks coming together, growing their own hops, and uniformly contributing them to create a FRESH hop brew. The entire ideology that came forward, with this Lucky Lab, Fresh Hop Mutt mix, felt like home. Cheers!

The final fresh hop creation that took my taste buds for a loop was the Widmer pour. 

Fresh Hop Hefe. She came in like a warm Summer wind.
The fall equinox is creeping. I find myself holding on to every last bit of Portland Summer I can wrap my memories around. The Willamette fresh hop induction sent this Hefe spin straight to sunshine, happy times for this lass.
Widmer Beer. One of the OG homies of P-town. I will always have a tender place for them in my heart. 
They've created quite the playing field here in Oregon, where all craft beer is celebrated. 

Fall is upon us now. 
Cooler temps. Lustrous foliage, and oh so many cozy brews. Looking forward.

Until the next episode. Sail on! 
-The Brew Lass

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Cedar Tree of Lebanon

Her lovely just is.
Her bounty is strength and shade.
Her magnitude is timeless.
Her rarity in Oregon soils creates a tick in ones soul.

I have noticed her. She catches my eye every time.
Her place of home, SW 2nd Street and Pine, old town Sherwood. There she stands. Still.
She's witnessed the many happenings and generations that Sherwood has unfolded.

Her cited date to go down is July 29, 2014. To be completed by July 30, 2014
Time is running out.
Her roots hold the ground steady.
Common sense reaps that conclusion.

This is my plea to you Mr. Lot Owner.
Give me a little time to create means to keep her steady, trimmed, well taken care of. I can guarantee you the foundation of your single family home resides on her roots.
Destroy her, in time, destroy your foundation.
Every action has a natural reaction.

My goal is to find a well qualified, inspired, loving, educated arbor that has a respect for old growth beauty. That has a desire to preserve. After all, that is what we are dealing with. An old growth, rare, endangered specie. Her timber is sought after highly. Not just by lumber companies, but by specialized woodworkers, as well as folks of religion. Her timber is eternally blessed. Referenced over 30 times in the Bible. They say Jesus' first boat was built from the Tree of Lebanon Cedar.
There is just 1 Cedar Tree of Lebanon, here in Portland, that has been respectfully protected and marked as a Heritage Tree, by the City of Portland. She is located at the corner of SW 20th and SW Howard's Way. She is believed to have been planted in the early 19th century by the renowned writer, Henry Miller. Your tree can be protected. Saved and celebrated.
Please take some time to contemplate the aftermath after she falls. If you so chose.
Much lays in your hands.
I ask you to move graciously and compassionately. As what you have in your yard is a gift. A gift to be honored, cherished, and celebrated. Let your community step in and give you a heartfelt hand.