Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Falling Sky Brewing: Post Up!

Looking to the light. Sending warm #WinterSolstice wishes near and far. #Gratitude for more than meets the eye.
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Falling Sky Brewing
Eugene, Oregon

A Portland Jr. Hawks Hockey Tournament, with my youngest, brought my family and I south to Eugene this weekend.
After an entire afternoon of watching my little pound the ice, we were more than ready to post up, warm up, and unwind. Looking forward to indulging in some great food and cozy atmosphere.

Falling Sky Brewery was on the docket . We discovered Falling Sky Brewery initially at the Portland Fresh Hops Festival, this past October. They delivered an amazing fresh hop brew creation, needless to say, we absolutely took note.
Entrance through Oak Alley. Awesome.
That's when I knew my family and I chose a goodie. Alley entrance, tons of bike parking too! Cool.

The set up was friendly. Community style tables, for the most part, colorful chairs, views of the copper fermenters, chalkboard elegance. The best part, walk up ordering, bus your own table, pour your own agua.

Their motto: Let It Pour.
Holy down to earth.
We had a seat, gazed at the menu, and decisions were made. So many vegetarian, fresh options! Score!
We started off with a cold round:
1.) Wet Earth Winter Ale
2.) Wild Sky Rye Raff
3.) Maple cream soda
As for appetizer options, we decided on the poutine, as well as the handmade soft pretzels.
One word: Delicious! Vegetarian, mushroom based, gravy makes everything most yum. 

Wet Earth Winter Ale, oh my amazing. The malt character was significant and smooth. Yet the hop texture followed, just enough. Super clean. Dare I say, too clean. Wet Earth went down at a rate of such ease.

Round two delivered with Dinner.
We ordered the Field Vegetarian Burger, with the Fall salad as our side option. The House Special: the Beet Salad, which delivered a $1 off the Oregon Logger beer selection.
So of course, I imbibed. I wanted in on that smoking hot $1 off deal!
We had a long drive home back to the hood. With that, 2 brews seemed reasonable.
The Oregon Logger: A crisp, whole-mouth filling, old skool Lager. Something us derivatives from the late 70's really appreciate. This Lager felt like home. Reminiscent of the salt air that used to fill my lungs growing up.
Crisp, refreshing, actually pretty close to the easiest going beers I've had in many moons. One could drink this goodie for days.

The dinner choices filled our hungry bellies quite adequately. The happy burger left my son so happy, he fell fast asleep on the way home.
A perfect end, to a great hockey, family filled day! Cheers!

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