Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Journey to the MotherLand

The holiday weekend opened up nicely.
Family arrived. House cleaned. The organic, vegetarian menu simmering.
The foliage outside was the perfect Fall hue of reds and oranges.

Thanksgiving eve, the hubs made way to HUB, for a couple of mighty growler fills.
The MotherLand Russian Imperial Stout poured, like a luscious, lingering, cold, winter enticement. 

Anticipation was heavy, for this one of a kind, Russian Imperial Stout.
According to the November 17, 2014 press release, there was much to look forward to.

The tulip stemware, seemed fitting. Creating the exact back-drop, to truly enjoy this HUB Imperial Stout. 

Aromatic, HECK YEAH!
Thick, yet polite to the palette.
The fragrance of fig and chocolate notes sent a crazy, deep malt infused aroma through the senses.

She's mighty.
The Galactic Republic would have been proud.
I genuinely believe, Mr. Vader himself, would have approved.

Most impressive.

We paired her with a homemade vegetarian, pumpkin manicotti. Delight was had.
The Galactic Series, by Hopworks Urban Brewery, continues on the path of out of this world. 

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season.

Until the Next Episode. 

Below please find the Press Release:
Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) today announced the release of Motherland Russian Imperial Stout. Rich and smooth, Motherland is as black as a Siberian winter night but warming enough to weather it. Bittersweet chocolate flavors mingle with deep fig and plum fruitiness and it finishes with a lingering spiciness and heat. Available November through February, this winter warmer is a fortifying tonic for the People!

Motherland is part of Hopworks’ Imperial Series, which features rotating imperial ales throughout the year and is geared for lovers of slow-sipping, big, bold, and highly complex beers. This season drinkers will appreciate Motherland’s focus on a hearty organic malt bill that will warm your heart during cold, rainy and snow-filled evenings.

Motherland is now available in 22 oz. bottles and on draught throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia bars, pubs, and stores. Motherland replaces Organic Ace of Spades, and in March, Hopworks will release Organic Galactic Imperial Red Ale.

For more information, please visit Hopworks online at www.HopworksBeer.com or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

About Hopworks Urban Brewery
Founded in 2007, Hopworks Urban Brewery is committed to brewing world-class beer as sustainably as possible using organic malts and hops sourced primarily from the Northwest. HUB strives to revolutionize and inspire the brewing industry while protecting the environment and improving the communities we live in. The company’s sustainably operated 20-barrel brewery produces 12,500 barrels of beer a year for its two brewpubs and for distribution in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia.  Hopworks is 100% renewably powered and “cradle to gate” carbon and water neutral.

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